Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And I'm back

It's been so long, too long, but I'm determent to share more of my knitting experiences here as I go along.  I've been crazy with knitting socks and more socks, and is looking for a nice big project.  Here is a picture of some socks that I've knitted with scraps.  I like them a lot!!

And in the mean time, I've been enjoying the lovely weather outside and did some amazingly beautiful hikes.  This was taken on the Clackamas River Trail.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes I know, it's been a while, but things happen and it certainly did to me!!  I travelled quite a bit the past few months.  I went from Uruguay to Portland, Oregon and back to Tierra del Fuego on the southern tip of Argentina.  Naturally I went shopping for yarn while in Portland and came across so many beautiful yarn.  I bought enough to knit a pair of hunting socks, 2 more pairs of socks, a hat, some beautiful leg warmers and a sweater for my sister.  Basically my bag was half filled with yarn!!  Unfortunately this story does not have a good ending.  My bag got lost by the airlines, apparently in this day and age with trackers and scans, etc, my bag is nowhere to be found.  I'm heartbroken, not only about the beautiful lace underwear, but because of my yarn.  Months of planning and finding patterns to knit, went down the drain.   I started my hat and luckily decided to keep it with me as I had plenty of time to knit at the airport while waiting for the connecting flights and this is how far I got.  Now, of course, I need the other ball of yarn!!  This pattern is beautiful and you can find it here.  Hopefully you will see the end product soon.

The other project on my needles are these wonderful leg warmers.  Yes, the leg warmer has changed quite a bit since I started wearing them in the 80's ;-).  I replaced my lost yarn with this wonderful 3 ply 100% merino from Abuelita yarns in Uruguay, on my way to Tierra del Fuego.  This yarn is so soft and lovely to knit with and I cannot wait for winter to test them out! You can find this pattern here.

And this is when you are really desperate for knitting at the airport and there is nobody around to hold your yarn while you are winding it up.  Another use for a suitcase!!

Till next time, happy knitting.....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What a nice time to start a new blog!  It is Christmas and many skeins of yarn await to become presents for some lucky family members and friends.  I am visiting my brother and his family in Portland, OR and is in yarn heaven at the same time.  I made sure that I order enough yarn before I arrived here, so I can get my needles working as soon as I arrive!!  My first project is done as you can see below and the second is halfway through.    Here is the pattern for these socks.
I love the colours of the socks as it reflects all the beautiful colours of fall around us here in Portland.

This is the second project for the holiday season and is almost done!

The colours of the red hat, reminds me of Christmas and all the smells that goes with it.  This is a beautiful pattern and easy to knit.  It is free on ravelry, thanks to tante ehm!  This is so nice that I'm sure there will be more hats in this pattern!

And then I have more yarn that is waiting to become socks!

Till next time, happy knitting...